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Aloha and Mahalo!

Aloha, we’re writing to reconnect and share some Maui aloha!

Even though Maui and the Hawaiian Islands are famous for humpback whales (which we love), our team absolutely adores our local dolphins. That’s why “Dolphin” is included in each of the property names and reflected in our logo. You’ll also find various dolphin-related artifacts, furnishings and sculptures at each of our Maui vacation homes.

Speaking of dolphins...here are some fast facts about Hawaii’s resident spinner dolphin.

Are dolphins and whales related?
You could say that! Dolphins are marine mammals and part of the cetacean species that includes whales and porpoises. Just one big happy family here on beautiful Maui.

Why do our local dolphins spin?
No one knows for sure why they spin, but here are some theories. It could be that they’re spinning to remove parasites which cling to their fins. Or, they may be spinning as a form of communication to get the attention of their dolphin buddies. We like to think they jump out of the water and spin, well, because they can!

Where can I see Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins?
On occasion, we see spinners near the Dolphin Villa in Kihei when paddle boarding and surfing. In general, there are three local areas where you'll see spinner dolphins. On snorkeling tours to Lanai, you're likely to come across a pod of spinners that hang out on Lanai’s southwest coastline. In South Maui, there is a pod of spinners that call La Perouse Bay home. You may also spot this group on snorkeling tours of nearby Molokini. Additionally, there is a pod along the West Maui coastline near Ka'anapali Beach. Luckily, they don’t have to drive the highway to Lahaina!

Just like our dolphin friends, we’re blessed to call Maui home and so very thankful to host wonderful people from around the world. Without a doubt, the most fulfilling aspect of our vacation rental business is meeting, hosting and sharing beautiful Maui with our valued guests.

Even though it’s been awhile since we chatted, we pledge to make an ongoing effort to stay connected.

Warmest Aloha,
The Maui Boutique Vacations Team